The future of enterprise tech-nolo-gy!

It's hot and chrismassy...a win win situation!
It seems odd to be writing about something in 2016, that took place in 2015. But that's exactly what I'm doing in this post, which as you may have spotted is called "The future of enterprise tech-nolo-gy.

This was in fact a webinar from the team at Brightstarr in which they looked at the following:

  1. The biggest digital workplace trends from 2015
  2. The need to know Microsoft developments from 2015 and how these changes are affecting intranet solutions
  3. What's hot in enterprise collaboration for 2016

Lets cut right to the chase, whilst the developments within Microsoft might be interesting, what we're really interested in are the predictions for 2016. If only so that we can see how close they were at the end of this year. So these were (in no particular order) as follows:

  1. There will soon be an "information of everything". We've all heard of the Internet of Things well Brightstarr think there is likely to be an "information of everything" This has already been highlighted as a top tech trend for 2016 so they are definitely on the right track!
  2. The age of the employee and how empowered employees are starting to shape business strategy. This is an interesting trend and one that is certainly developing.
  3. BYOD will find balance (finally) We all now expect to be able to use our own devices at work and this will continue. However what's likely to happy is that the number of individuals using BYOD will increase, especially with the introduction of more mobile optimised products.

So there you have 3 predictions for 2016, lets see how far these trends develop in 2016.

You can watch the full video on the Brightstarr Vimeo channel - Happy New Year!