Intranet Resources - October 2015

I can't believe how quickly this year is passing us all by, I'll soon be putting up Christmas decorations
and then taking them down again, but before we all start thinking (even more) about Christmas, it's time for a round-up of some of the intranet resources I have seen recently.

The first is a review of the Intranet Now conference by Sam Marshall. Sadly I wasn't able to attend this conference as I was attending the Making Social Collaboration work conference in the same week. However from what I have read and heard the conference was a great success and this review certainly seems to support this. Although I do feel the same in relation to the quick talks, in that sometimes it can be hard to take in what someone is saying very quickly, which is why I prefer longer talks in order to understand and appreciate more of what the presenter is saying.

The next item is from the Thoughtfarmer blog and looks at how you could increase intranet adoption by using a scavenger hunt. The blog looks at a case study of an organisation in New York who encouraged their employees to explore their new intranet through a scavenger hunt. This seems like a very practical way of letting users explore a new intranet, especially if there is a prize or reward on offer for completing the scavenger hunt.

The 3rd blog post from October is a post called "Intranets in a digital workplace and cloud era" in it the author looks at how nowadays it is impossible to ignore the wider concepts of the Digital Workplace and solutions provided within the cloud. There are a number of reasons why cloud solutions in particular are so popular and the author outlines some of these reasons;

  • regular flow of new features and improvements
  • improved user experience developed through constant user testing
  • reduced costs for the maintenance of servers
  • connected environment that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and with any devices
  • After taking a close look at some of the benefits and of course issues with cloud solutions, the author takes a look at how intranets will fit into the broad concept of the Digital Workplace and asks the following question;
    should we, Intranet managers, size this opportunity to lead the development of our Digital Workplace? But do we have the right skills for doing this? 
    Last but by no means least we have a very interesting article from the Intranet Connections Blog which asks "Does the way you present content affect intranet usability?" The answer is of course it does and the author provides some tips and tricks on how to present intranet content effectively. This article is well worth a quick read.

    That's it for this month, when I write my next Intranet Resources we will all be thinking about Turkey and sprouts!