Intranet screenshots & Insights from the leading edge of intranets

Earlier this month I listened to a Step Two webinar called Intranet Screenshots & Insights from the leading edge of intranets.

For anyone not familiar with Step Two they are an Australian company that help plan and design online solutions for organisations and their employees. Their focus is on delivering intranets, but they have a lot of experience with UX, different technologies, collaboration and the digital workplace. In addition to this Step Two organise and present the Intranet Innovation Awards. This was the focus of this webinar to some extent as we were treated to a deep-dive into Gold Award winner Robin Partington & Partners intranet.

Before this deep-dive James Robertson outlined what the webinar would cover and there were 3 broad themes:

  1. How to deliver the digital workplace
  2. Intranets blurring inside and outside
  3. Design leading to success

Sadly I didn't take a huge amount of notes during this webinar, but I did make some notes in relation to how to deliver the Digital Workplace. So an important point that James made was that any organisation thinking about implementing a Digital Workplace, really needs to think about the concept first and what is it that they're trying to do. Also whilst the Digital Workplace might be easy to define, the journey to a fully fledged Digital Workplace is actually very difficult. This is because there are 3 streams involved in any Digital Workplace journey:

  1. Technology stream
  2. Business stream
  3. Design stream

Understanding the importance of each of this and how they all work together is crucial in ensuring organisations deliver an effective Digital Workplace. 

Sadly that's all the notes I took from this webinar as there followed a deep-dive into the Robin Partington & Partners intranet as well as loads of screenshots from some of the other winners. I'm hoping that Step Two will make the recording or presentation available from the webinar, but until they do this is all I have :-(

However James recently spoke at the Intranet Now conference in London and his presentation from this conference looks very similar to the one he delivered during this webinar, so I have embedded this below, for you all to enjoy!