Intranet resources - September 2015

Well this year is whizzing along very rapidly, I actually saw Christmas Cards in a shop last night (it's September shops seriously!) anyway back to the point of this post, which is to highlight some intranet articles I have read in the last month.
I have been a bit sporadic publishing these updates, but if you wanted to have a look back at some the resources I have recommended then my January and July posts are available. This month there are a couple of resources I would recommend all intranet managers and anyone who has an interested in intranets takes a look at.

The first of these is "Applying your corporate brand guidelines to your intranet design" in the article Steve Bynghall looks at some of the challenges associate with applying brand guidelines that might have been designed for websites and other online products to intranets. From the blog post:

There are three principal problems trying to apply website design guidelines to intranets. These are:
  • The audience for websites and intranets tend to be different with different needs
  • The guidelines have usually been made in complete isolation to the technical capabilities and constraints of the intranet platform
  • The guidelines have also been made in total isolation to the wider set of applications which are accessed or experienced through the intranet or make up the wider ‘digital workplace’
At worst you may have design guidelines which:
  • Cannot be applied or cannot be consistently applied because of technical limitations
  • Are out of sync with how you want to communicate with your users
  • Create a fragmented user experience jumping from a branded part of the site to a non-branded application
So what's an intranet manager supposed to do? Well fortunately Steve does offer some advice on what intranet teams can do to manage this process, suggesting that any decisions about branding should reflect an organisations strategy and to take a pragmatic view based on both the technical limitations of the intranet and the minimum/maximum branding that is acceptable. As always this is an excellent post by Steve Bynghall and is one of many excellent articles that have been published to the Two Hives blog.

The next and as it happens final article for this month is an article by Sam Marshall called "IT vs Communications: Who drives your intranet" This article has garnered a lot of interest on Twitter because it takes a hard look at who sets the agenda for your intranet. This article piqued my interest because I don't work in IT or Communications (although I did used to work in Communications) but work in a Central Knowledge Management team. I believe Knowledge Management teams are ideally placed to drive intranets and digital workplaces forward because they are used to talking to IT and also normally work very closely with a significant number of stakeholders include Internal Communications teams. That's my opinion, I'd love to know what yours is?