Interaction intranet conference 2015

On the 17th of September I was fortunate to be able to book a place at the Interaction intranet conference, which is organised by Interact intranet.  I've attended this conference for the last few years and have written about how excellent it is a number of times. You can read my reviews of the 2012 and 2013 conferences if you want to read more about the topics the conference covers.

Back to this years conference and a big difference between this years and last years conference was that last year I was an interact customer. I am of course now working in a different organisation that doesn't use interact, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of value from me attending, Day 2 in particular tends to be vendor neutral with individuals from across different sectors talking about intranets.

The conference started with a talk from Richard Millington of Feverbee Richard spoke with authority about how individuals and organisations could encourage individuals to join and use social communities. There were a lot of takeaways from this talk, but my highlights were as follows:

  1. You need to make people feel like insiders
  2. You need to "amplify" individuals influence and to highlight individuals great contributions
  3. Need to show an interest in new members and ask about their expertise and experience
  4. People need to understand the history of a community and there needs to be a share history amongst community members

Those were just some of the takeways from Richard's talk. If you are interested in reading more about Richard's work then there are some useful resources on the Feverbee website. The next presentation was from Sam Marshall of Clearbox Consulting, who was talking about the Digital Workplace roadmap.

I've heard Sam talk a number of times about the Digital Workplace and his talks are excellent. In this particular talk Sam walked the conference attendees through the Digital Workplace Roadmap. This was an excellent presentation and I think all attendees enjoyed the videos of Disclosure and Jurassic Park.

These sessions were followed by sessions from Breast Cancer Now and CIPD, which whilst they were interesting I didn't take many notes of. These two presentations and the other presentations from the conference are available on the Interact slideshare homepage.

After lunch the conference split into three streams and I chose to listen to Elizabeth Marsh from the Digital Workplace group talking about "30+ lessons from 12 leading intranet homepages". This was a whistle-stop tour of 12 leading homepages as shown at the recent Digital Workplace 24 event. This presentation is well worth reviewing if you are looking at re-designing your intranet homepage and are looking for inspiration!

Interaction 2015: DWG - 30+ lessons from 12 leading intranet homepages from Interact

The final presentation I listened to was Jon Olson from Hogan Lovells talking about how they "Need a new intranet" and their intranet roadmap. This was a very interesting presentation, which I'm sure a lot of intranet managers will be able to relate to, especially around how an existing intranet often has to be maintained whilst a new intranet is being developed. Jon also have five takeways related to intranet roadmaps, which are well worth repeating here, they are:

  1. Don't (never) stop planning
  2. Don't be afraid to break up a project or intranet
  3. Communicate regularly with your business
  4. Clearly identify the decision makers
  5. Limit the number of responses to any RFP

I have embedded Jon's presentation below for you all to enjoy:

Interaction 2015: Hogan Lovells - We need a new intranet! from Interact

This was another excellent conference from interact and based on this years presentations and themes I will definitely be attending next year.