Round and round we go...Gravesend Cyclopark 10k

It has been a while since I have posted a blog, so for those of you interested in my running a report here on the Gravesend Cyclopark 10k which I ran on the 7th of August. This event is organised by Nice Work on behalf of Gravesend Road Runners, which is the running club I run with.

I've run the 10k Cyclopark course a couple of times and whilst it is not flat you know what to expect when you are running around a course 4 times. The last time I had run 10k here was as part of Gravesend Floodlit 10k series and I had posted a time of just over 45:08. Unfortunately there was a big difference between this run and that run - THE HEAT!

It had been a particularly hot today, which meant that is was a very muggy evening and by the end of 10k I was absolutely shattered. I am also made the schoolboy error of starting off way too fast and suffering for it later. These were my splits for this race:

  • Mile 1 - 7:03 (way too fast)
  • Mile 2 - 7:12
  • Mile 3 - 7:45
  • Mile 4 - 7:23
  • Mile 5 - 7:29
  • Mile 6 - 7:47
  • Mile 7 - 6:29

I was definitely suffering during the last mile, so was delighted to cross the line in a time of 45:38, only 30 seconds slower than my time in April and as first male Gravesend Road Runner. Gravesend Road Runners also won a team prize, which was a nice surprise. If you have the opportunity to run any of the races at the Cyclopark then I would recommend it, especially the Floodlit series of races, which run from October to April as these are great if you are working on your speed.