Intranet and other useful resources - May 2015

This is another installment of my irregular column highlighting useful intranet and for the first time

Nuggets..but not this kind!
Knowledge Management resources.

We start with a post written by Steven Bynghall called "The Bumpy Ride to Dialogue on Your Social Intranet" in the post Steve looks at how the introduction of social tools and features can lead to a level of "nervousness" amongst Senior Managers and especially individuals working in risk. However as Steve explains most Enterprise Social Networks (ESN's) self regulate, which should mean any awkward posts or conversations are avoided. However is there a case for having these conversations? You'll just have to read the full post to find out!

Next up is a really interesting post from Mark Gould who asks "Where to start with law firm Knowledge development" In the post Mark provides a brief history of Knowledge Management in Law Firms and then looks at what those firms that aren't currently using Knowledge Management tools or techniques, a very interesting short post on this important subject.

Finally we have a thought provoking post from the team at Intranetizen (so good to see these guys back publishing content). In this post Sharon O'Dea asks "When's it time to quit your intranet job?" Whilst it can be hard to think about quitting a job you enjoy and leaving colleagues you might have worked closely with. Occasionally there are circumstances where you might have to do so. For example "if you’re stuck in a company where as soon as an intranet’s launched, your bigwigs consider it ‘done’ and want to move to simple maintenance?"

What are your options then? Well as Sharon explains you basically have two; Fight or Flight. As a previous intranetizen post looked at the first option Sharon focuses on option 2, there are some different options here, which I think is good news!

So that's it for this month a few golden nuggets that stood out for me!