The internet of things an introduction

The Internet of Things (IoT) isn't a subject I've written about on this blog before, mostly because I don't believe it is a subject that can be easily explained in a short blog post and I like to keep my blog posts relatively short.

If you are looking for an introduction to this very interesting concept then you may wish to take a look at this article on the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers website called "The Internet of Things: an introduction" In it the author provides a brief introduction to the concept of IoT and some of the technologies that we're seeing being introduced into everyday life. The article also looks at some of the legal issues surrounding the IoT which will be of interest to anyone who is thinking about how they can take advantage of the technologies and data associated with the IoT.

Whilst I haven't written any posts on this blog about the IoT I have written two articles for FreePint on this subject, which may be of interest. I have linked these articles below, you will however need a FreePint subscription to read these articles.