Larkfield 10k 2015

Earlier today I ran the Larkfield 10k, which you won't be surprised to learn is a 10k or 6.21 mile race which takes place every year in Larkfield (Kent). The race actually starts from the East Malling Research Centre, just outside of Larkfield. I'm not sure what it is exactly that they research but there are a lot of Pear Orchards!

Anyway back to the race; this is a race I have enjoyed running a number of times in the past, most recently in 2013 shortly after the Brighton Marathon. In that year I ran 48:44, my other previous outings at Larkfield had seen me run 44:58 in 2012 and 45:38 in 2009, but the 2009 course is/was significantly different from the course I ran today. Significantly 2012 was the last time I ran sub 45 minutes in a 10k race.

Having trained hard in the last few months and having broken my 5k PB twice in the last 4 weeks I was determined to put in a decent run and was hoping to run sub 45 minutes. This was also the first time I had run this race with my Garmin and knew that I would have to run around 7:20 minutes miles to run a sub 45 minute 10k. As it turned out I ran a little bit faster than this and set a new PB for 10k, but not by much! Here are my splits:

1 mile - 7:04
2 mile - 7:21
3 mile - 7:26
4 mile - 7:04
5 mile - 7:21
6 mile - 7:27
7 mile - 6:22
These splits are quite interesting, because you might not believe it but these splits show consistent pacing (apart from mile 6 where I was hanging on) as it's a two lap course. So I ran the 1st and 4th miles, which are identical at the same pace and the 2nd and 5th at the same pace :-)
Overall (chip) time was 44:37 which beat my previous PB by 1 second, which I set in 2009!! but hey they all count and I'll definitely be back next year to improve on this!