Is history repeating itself in your organisation?

An article on the CMS wire blog that I think many intranet managers will be interested in is an article by Nigel Williams called "Is history repeating itself in your organisation"

In the article Nigel Williams discusses that whilst Enterprise Social Networking tools have become ubiquitous short sightedness is preventing organisations from making the most of these tools. Largely as Nigel says because of a lack of tactical planning by the organisation.

So the question is what can we as Intranet Managers and managers of digital tools do to encourage and develop the use of enterprise social networking tools within our organisations? Nigel has a number of very sensible suggestions to avoid repeating some of the problems older intranets and portals had. These suggestions include the following;

  • Understand your organisations needs, not just now but in the future as well
  • Don't introduce a large number of tools at once, understand your organisations objectives and the tool that is most likely to help achieve them
  • Stop talking about enterprise social networks or social intranets and just think about implementing a modern intranet

Some very sound advice here from Nigel!