Can you really be social at work?

I seem to have neglected my blog again so to stop that right in the tracks I thought I'd highlight an article I read recently, which is well worth having a look at. The article called "Can we really be social at work?" is a report on a South by Southwest (SXSW) session which looked at the use of collaborative tools within an organisation.

The article starts by asking the simple question "Can we really be social at work?" the short answer is of course yes, but what's more interesting are some of the ways in which the author encouraged her organisation to use collaborative tools. The author describes two approaches they used to encourage use of their collaborative tools.

The first of these approaches was a "wide and shallow” approach, where they rolled out an enterprise social to support a major rebranding. The second approach was a "narrow and deep" approach where they embedded social tools and processes into everyday work. For me the latter of these two approaches would seem to be the most effective as using the social tool becomes part of an individuals workflow.

The author also describes some of the challenges they faced as part of the rollout of these social tools and the importance of ensuring senior managements and executives experience these tools. This is quite an interesting article, with some good tips on how you can encourage and develop the use of collaborative tools within your organisation.