Intranet resources - March 2015

I thought it was about time I did another round-up of articles I've seen about intranets and other tools that interest me. I last did a round-up of intranet resources in  January and it proved popular so I'm happy to do it again.

So what did March bring us in the intranet sphere, well CMSWire seems to have run a special series on intranets v.s. enterprise social networks, publishing a series of articles which have looked at how these two tools can work together...or not.

The first of these is James Dellow's article called "Where intranets and Enterprise Social Networks Fit in your Business" James asks if an ESN can replace an intranet as James says you might be surprised by his answer.

The next article in this series is Oscar Berg's excellent article called "Are we asking the right questions about the digital workplace?" In this article Oscar suggest quite rightly that instead of asking people what tool they would like to use, or whether we should be replacing an intranet with an ESN and vice versa, we should be asking "what do people need to do to get work done". Oscar suggests we need to stop seeing IT systems as boxes into which we stuff as many features as possible. Instead we should view IT systems as mini-ecosystems which we can provide to users in a way that suits them. This is an excellent article, which I recommend anyone with any interest in the digital workplace, intranets and ESN's reads.

An article which might on the face of it sound like it wont be a very inspiring read for intranet managers is "Endangered species: The Corporate intranet" in which the author looks at some of the ways in which intranets are used and their future in the face of the many other service organisations now have available to them.

The last article produced by CMSWire as part of this series is Steve Bynghall's article called "Beware Red Herrings: Intranet vs ESN is a sham"In this article Steve looks at the crossover between intranets and enterprise social networks and asks what role these two tools have to play in today's organisations.

Other articles in this CMSWire series include "Intranets or ESN? Why not both" and "Are ESN's just intranets in new clothing"

Moving away from the CMSWire series the J Boye website published an articles at the beginning of March called "Want a social intranet have a plan" this excellent article looks at some of the steps organisations need to take if they're thinking about implementing a social intranet. This includes a community maturity model which outlines the processes and stages involved in developing a "networked organisation"

Some really excellent resources this month, especially if you're currently managing an intranet and an ESN.