The new age of intranets: publishing and content

Last month I wrote a blog post called "The new age of intranets" which referenced an article published by CMS Wire called "The new age of intranets: planning and corporate communications" little did I know that these was the first in a series of articles by CMS Wire on the evolution of intranets.

Their latest article on this topic is called "The new age of intranets: publishing and content" and looks at one of the greatest "hassles" in relation to manging and intranet, which is ensuring the content is updated on a regular basis. Ask any intranet manager and they're likely to say that having out of date, redundant or trivial content on an intranet is a sure fire way to annoy your intranet users. As the article says:

Publishing is critical to the ongoing success of an intranet. When employees consistently see good, valuable and recent content, your site becomes sticky and you will achieve a better return on your intranet investment
So what does good content management mean and how can intranet managers ensure it is achieve? Fortunately the author looks at four areas that are critical.

Quality & Quantity

The first item you need to think about is the quality of yoru content, is it up-to-date, is it still relevant? If it is great, but you also need to think about how people are going to find the content and to faciliate that you need a taxonomy or several taxonomies as well as a great search engine. I love the idea of intranet suffering from a Goldilocks syndrome, not too little and not too much, it needs to be "just right"


The next area to think about is mobility, organisations need to ensure intranet content can be accessesed via mobile devices, otheriwse users wont see it as something they can use easily. That's all there is to say about that!


Making publishing similar can be crucial to the success of an intranet. It's therefore important to have adequate processes in place for the different content you're organisations is going to be publishing and perhaps more importantly the different media formats.


Governance is a key element of any intranet contet strategy as it will outline the correct roles and responsibilities within your organisation as well as identify the content workflow and the documentation that supports the intranet content lifecyle. One thing to say about Governance documentation and this is something I saw on Twitter a while ago, is that you don't need to be producing a 100 page document unless you're planning to enforce intranet governance by hitting people over the head with it!

This is a short, but very interesting introduction to some of the issues intranet managers need to think about when thinking about content and how it's published.