Developing your intranet manager career

Mark Morell, formerly of BT has written an interesting post on the Clearbox blog called "Developing your intranet manager career: it's all about partnerships" In the post Mark describes how the opportunities for organisations to develop their intranets as part of the move towards digital workplaces, also offer intranet managers great opportunities to develop their careers.

Mark then looks at what you'll need to have in place to achieve both a great digital workplace and create a role for yourself within the organisation.

The key would seem to be in developing relationships across the organisation that you work for. As Mark puts it:
Your approach should be to invest at least as much time connecting with your stakeholders as identifying business requirements for technology. Getting that balance right will be a giant step forward to likely success. Asking people to approve your transformation when they are familiar with and where they understand its importance improves your chances of success.

It is essential your stakeholders have a clear picture with timescales, owners, costs and benefits. It is the best way for you to do justice to the time and effort everyone will be giving. You need to get involved with the key areas and functions of your organisation to make this happen.
I couldn't agree more with the argument Marks makes for ensuring that your key stakeholders have a clear picture about the transformation of the intranet or digital workplace is going to look like and what the timeline is for this transformation. Developing and maintaing good working relationships, especially when managing a large project, is an essential requirement for an intranet manager and something that intranet managers should invest a lot of time.

Ultimately this will help improve your position within the organisation you work for as well as increasing the chances of your project being successful.

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