5 priorities for intranet managers in 2015

5 is the magic number, or is that 3?
Elizabeth Marsh of the digital workplace group has written a very interesting post on LinkedIn, which looks at the priorities identified by Digitial Workplace members for 2015.

In her article she looks at the Top 5 priorities, which are in the order of priority and suggests some ways in which the Digital Workplace group can help support these priorities.

So the question is what are the priorities that have been identifed by Digital Workplace group members.

The first one is Governance which is of course extremely important for anyone managing a Digital Workplace or intranet to havea  good grip on. As Elizabeth says Governance forms the foundation of great intranets as it provides the principles and standards around which intranet content is created and managed. What Elizabeth does day is that some organisations lack governance at the strategic level e.g. deciding what the intranet or Digital Workplace strategy will be.

The next priority is Defining digitial workplace strategy and roadmap. As Elizabeth says whilst there are many benefits to having a digital workplace in place many organisations haven't even thought about how they're going to implement a digital workplace.

The third priority is about prioritising user experience. This is definitely becoming more and more important as intranets and other applications look to improve their user experience to something akin to the consumer websites we're all used to using. In addition to this intranet design is becoming much lighter, in part because of the move towards more mobile use, but also because that is what users now expect.

Closely tied to prioritising user experience is integrating social/collaboration tools. I would argue that this has been a priority for many years now and there have been some very good examples of organisations tightly integrating social and collaborative tools within the intranet. However there will always be an argument that says that irrespective of how closely you integrate these tools they will only be fully used when they're integrated within a users workflow.

The final priority is redesigning or upgrading our intranets. As Elizabeth says as intranet managers our work is never done and we should be continually delivering new functionality on tools within an intraent so that the user experience is always being improved. You should definitely not just stop developing an intranet!

So the top five priorities there. I'm sure there are other priorities that could have possibly made it in to the top five. What will be interesting to see is whether this list is different in 2016.