Taking the high road to getting work done - the benefits of integrated (collaborative) solutions

If you're interested in learning more about the evolution of collaboration within workplaces and what enterprise collaboration software is, then look no further than this webinar recording, which was recently published to the HighQ website.

The video recording starts with an introduction to enterprise collaboration from Alan Lepofsky and a definition of what he believe enterprise collaboration tools are, namely:
Enterprise collaboration software enables people to create discover and interact with the content, colleagues and communities, that can help them get their jobs done

Alan then looks at some of the differences between enterprise collaboration tools and the consumer tools that many of us use on a regular basis. In addition to this he looks at some the concepts wrapped up in the statement above so;

  • How we create and discover content
  • How we interact with other users
  • The type of content we're creating and uploading
  • What we're trying to achieve when we use enteprise collaboration tools

Alan then moves on to look at which of the many enteprise collaboration tools we should be using. Nowadays there are a huge number of tools that organisations could potentially use for enetprise collaboration. Unfortunately there isn't one single product that seems to provide ALL the collaboration tools or features that modern organisations now demand.

For any history buffs Alan next slide will definitely be of interest as he looks at the history of social software. So in the very mists of time we had tools like Lotus Notes and other groupware products, we then saw the rise of consumer social tools like Twitter. Unfortunately as Alan says it's not enough to simply provide a tool to users, you have to integrate the tool with a users work to ensure it is adopted fully. This is an important point and one that anyone talking about enteprise social tools will stress.

After a brief demo of one of the HighQ products, Alan then looks at some of the ways in which enterprise collaboration tools can replace or support some of the tools we currently use. So a big area where enteprise collaboration tools are having an impact is around "Social task management". This takes the best attributes of project management and combines them with the collaboration features of social networking tools providing users with a better way to manage tasks and projects.

Another area that Alan discusses is the use of social streams, adding status updates can be extremely valuanle in letting people know where you are and what you're doing, rather than just emailing everyone in your team. This is much more valuable and avoids inundating individuals with emails. Alan also mentions, and I think this is a valuable point, that it's important to think about how you can augment existing processes using enterprise colllaboration tools. In this way it becomes integrated into daily work practices and processes, which is a point mentioned earlier in the webinar.

The video does include some overviews of the HighQ products, but I think it's well watching for an introduction to enterprise collaboration tools and how these can be used to support existing business processes.