Building a digital workplace with Office 365

Can you build a digital workplace with just one product. That's the question some perople are aksing in relation to Office 365, which comes pre-packaged with a lot of capabilities that could support a digital workplace.

Not sure what a digital workplace is, then take a look at the excellent defintion of a digital workplace on the Clearbox consulting website. Not got time to do that, then here's the crucial bit from that post:
The digital workplace provides an organisation with five services or capabilitie
  1. Communication and employee engagement
  2. Collaboration
  3. Finding and sharing of information and knowledge
  4. Business applications (process specific tools and employee self-service)
  5. Agile working – the ability to be productive any time and place
To work well, these need the be supported by five management activities (the inner pie of the figure above):
  1. Strategic planning
  2. Governance and operational management
  3. Proactive support for adoption
  4. High quality user experience
  5. Robust, secure and flexible technology
So does/could Office 365 provide an organisation with the five capabilities listed above?

Well that's what is looked at in a CMSwire blog post called "Building a digital workplace with Office 365" In the article the author looks at the various tool that Office 365 provides and how they could support a digital workplace. On the face of it Office 365 would seem to have a wide number of tools that could be used to support a digital worlplace, they include:
  • Exchange
  • Lync
  • SharePoint Online
  • Yammer
  • OneDrive
  • Delve
If you're not aware of some of these products and their capabilities then this article is an excellent introduction to these and how they fit within Office 365. So could Office 365 on its own be used to support a Digital Workplace. Well there are certainly enough tools available and it looks like Microsoft is working hard on developing the newer ones like OneDrive, Delve and Office Graph to support the activities larger organisations want to undertake.

However the author finishes the article with the following:
These key concepts enable the Digital Workplace but as with any technology, it is up to the organizations using the tools to formulate a strategy to implement the capabilities of the Office 365 platform that best suits their needs now and for the future.
That's definitely a key point and one that is supported by the Clearbox blog post.

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    # by Carl - Monday, April 13, 2015

    I think robust, secure and flexible technology and infrastructure are crucial to setting up and maintaining a digital workplace. I do hope that this saga of the evolving workplace continues. It's going to provide opportunities for a lot of people.