Transforming your intranet into a digital workplace!

Mark Morrell has written a very interesting article, which I would urge intranet managers in any organisation to read. In the article called "Is this your once in an intranet career opportunity"

In it Mark describes how many organisation are looking at taking very tentative first steps towards "transforming their online content and apps into something better coordinated"

This as Mark suggest presents a great opportunity for intranet managers to re-design the tools that their users are using to make them more effective. However it places a huge amount of responsibility and pressure on the intranet manager to develop the tools in the right way.

To do this effectively Mark suggests that intranet managers need to think about 5 steps, which are:

  • Vision
  • Direction
  • Requirements
  • Plan
  • Measure

Mark puts some more detail around these points and in my mind what he has written makes a lot of sense and if you are in the enviable position of planning a digital workplace, then it's well worth reading this article.