The importance of asking yourself why!?

Why does an organisation need an intranet? That's the question Samuel Driessen suggests we ask ourselves on a regular basis in a blog post which summarises a recent presentation he delivered.

Called "The importance of why for intranets"  the blog post suggests that being open to the "why" do we have an intranet question will help us understand the importance of intranets within our organisations.

In the blog post Samuel looks closely at some of the specific goals you can set for your intranet, as Samuel suggests it's important to set specific goals rather than just say "we should have an intranet because it will help us communicate better". Samuel suggests that intranet goals should always be;

  • Specific and measurable
  • Inspirational
  • Focus on both the now and then
  • Relate to the business goals and an employees work

Significantly intranet goals shouldn't be created in isolation, the discussion around what goals the intranet has should be done in full consultation with the business, either through 1:1 consultations or through focus groups. Doing so will ensure that the intranet goal relates to the business goals of the organisation and an employees work.

The blog post finishes with a summary of the presentation and reaffirms that we should be asking ourselves "why" more often.

You can read the full blog post on the Intranatverk 2015 website the full presentation is also embedded below.