The continuing evolution of SharePoint

CMS wire is a great source for articles about information management and the tools that are being used within organisations to support a social business.

They often write about SharePoint and one of their most recent articles is a great insight into the potential future of SharePoint. Called "A look back at the continuing evolution of SharePoint" the article looks at what developments have taken place with SharePoint over the last year and what might happen in the future.

One of the first items the article reports on is the emphasis Microsoft are placing on making SharePoint and other products available within the cloud. This is affirmed by the following quote in the article:
While there hasn’t been much of a consensus about what kind of functionality is needed in SharePoint, it is generally accepted that the future is in the cloud and that Microsoft is trying to coax existing customers in that direction
The other significant functionality the article reports on is Collaboration and OneDrive. Whilst SharePoint has traditionally been accused of being complicated to use, especially in relation to collaboration. OneDrive is now a standalone product, which makes it an attractive alternative for those organisations that want the functionality of Dropbox, but with the security and control options that come with Office 365.

The article also looks at the influence Yammer and Delve will have on the development of SharePoint, with the article noting that Yammer is "going to play a big role" and is no longer seen as "just add content kind of enterprise solution". This article seems to echo some of the points made in the "What's the future of SharePoint" webinar I blogged about recently.

If you're interested in reading about the future for SharePoint then I would heartily recommend this article as well as future articles about SharePoint that CMS wire might write.