It's time for some (more) predictions!

A little bit of Crystal ball gazing*
The New Year is typically the time for individuals and organisations to make resolutions and predictions for
the forthcoming year, fortunately I wont subject you to mine. Instead I will refer you to the predictions I have seen so far, which have resonated with me!

The first of these is from the Business 2 Community blog and their post "10 predictions for enterprise collaboration in 2015" In the post the author looks at how emerging social business trends will shape the way employees, customers and partners connect, work and collaborate with each other.

The second and perhaps more relevant set of predictions (at least for me) is Steven Bynghall's blog post "What can we expect from intranets and digital workplaces in 2015" The good news is that in general intranets are in a good place and it looks like 2015 will be great year for them. I definitely agree with Steve's last prediction that intranets and in particular intranet homepages will become more lightweight. This is no small part due to the influence of mobile design on intranets and the expectation from users that more applications will be available on their mobile devices. As Steve says homepages have become increasingly crowded in recent years, but this is a trend he (and I) expect to see reversed! Steve has also linked to three other prediction blog posts, which are well worth looking at. I have re-linked these below:

Steve has also written a follow up blog post called "7 signs that intranets are in good shape for 2015" this is well worth taking a look and is just the second of five blog post Steve is planning on writing about the state of intranets in 2015.

There are also a number of other blog post that have been published which list predictions for intranet and digital workplaces, only time will tell how many of these predictions will be realised :-)

*Captured in Crystal by Garry Knight on Flickr