The four core use cases of an enterprise collaboration platform

The Lunar core..who knew!
Recently I was fortunate enough to take part in a webinar organised by HighQ solutions which looked at the "Four core use cases of an enterprise collaboration platform" The webinar delivered by Stuart Barr is well worth watching if you're thinking about developing an internal collaboration platform.

In the webinar Stuart looks at some of the reasons why enterprises are looking at enterprise collaboration platforms. There are of course a number of reasons why the use of these tools is on the rise, not just because of the development of consumer tools like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Icloud and the ease with which these can be used by individuals both at work and at home.

The problem of course with these tool as Stuart explains is that IT Departments don't like them, the reasons why include the following;

  • Lack of control over infrastructure
  • No visibility into information sharing
  • Security and compliance risks
  • Often blocked at the firewall

So whilst people want and need these tools and like the simplicity of the consumers tools that are available, there are some serious barriers to their adoption and how they're viewed by IT.  So instead of using a consumer tool within an organisation, organisations are increasingly looking at enterprise versions of collaboration tools. These tools should provide;

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • More control & auditablity
  • Secure private clouds
  • A choice of hosting locations
  • Single-tenancy deployments
  • ISO27001 certification

In addition to this the tools should provide options for external collaboration, so collaboration with clients, partners, suppliers and anyone who doesn't have access to your network. These are just some of the topics, which are discussed in this webinar and at only an hour long it's well worth spending your lunch break watching it :-)