The most complex job in the world?

Pretty complex stuff  - Reproduced from Wikipedia
Two recent articles have discussed the increasingly complex and I would argue difficult role of the intranet manager.

The first of these on the ThoughtFarmer blog discusses why the intranet manager can be so complex and difficult. Before discussing this blog post you might be interested in reading my blog post on a similar subject called "Tips for new intranet managers" which ThoughtFarmer link to in their post - thanks guys :-)

Their post begins by discussing why the intranet manager role is so complex, followed by a look at some of the core skills required by intranet managers. This is a very comprehensive list of attributes and is well worth reviewing if you're considering moving into intranet management or have recently become responsible for managing an intranet.

The post then looks at how social intranets have made the intranet manager role even more complex, before suggesting three ways in which you can identify any weaknesses in your current skill set. This can be very useful to do and looking at the list of attributes I can see a couple of areas which I need to develop.

The second post called "Intranet manager: the most complex job in the world" was published by Samuel Dreissen on his blog Infoarch. In it Samuel reflects on how important intranets are and how this means it requires an individual with a significant number of skills to manage them. Samuel presents another very through lists of skills and attributes required by modern intranet managers and again looks at the ways in which intranet managers can develop their skills.

These are two very interesting and through posts, which look at the complex roles of intranet managers. So if you're new to intranet management or are considering a move into intranet management then these two blog posts are definitely worth reading.