Building a collaborative company dictionary

I love the team at Thoughtfarmer, they have an excellent looking product and are always publishing useful
tips on how to manage content on your intranet.

In addition to their blog, Thoughtfarmer publish a biweekly email which always contains tips and ideas on managing intranet content and developing your intranet. Their latest tip is to create a "collaborative company dictionary"

As they say in their email;

Most companies have loooooong lists of company-specific acronyms and industry jargon. So Oxfam America opened editing privileges on the company dictionary to all employees, while using page version histories to ensure any inaccurate changes were rolled back. The resulting comprehensive dictionary provides new employees with a wealth of information and models effective collaboration.
The results look very impressive and you can see the benefits of creating something like this. It strikes me as being especially useful for new joiners who certainly wont be aware of the different acronyms used in the organisation and what those acronyms mean. Of course an intranet isn't the only way you could create a collaborative company dictionary, wikis have often been used to create collaborative dictionaries, with Wikipedia being a great example of an online reference source.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and start building yours!