Have you got your elevator pitch ready?

The elevator pitch, something that is often talked about within organisations, but if you were in an elevator, or lift for those of us based in the UK, with someone very senior in your organisation would you be ready to pitch your intranet to them?

This is the question the team at Intranetizen ask in their latest blog post "Creating a winning intranet elevator pitch". In the blog post they take a look at some of the tools intranet managers can use to create elevator pitches.

My biggest takeaway from this blog post is to focus on who within your organisation the intranet is going to help. Simply saying everyone, even if you believe it's going to be everybody is not the way forward. In your elevator pitch you need to focus on a group or groups of individuals which will gain real benefits from using your new intranet or tool.

This is a good introduction to the elevator pitch, which all intranet managers should take a look and of course formulate their own!