BIALL Conference 2014

This year will be the first year in about 10 years that I haven't attended the BIALL Conference. I won't go into the reasons why I'm not attending, but suffice to say I have looked at the Conference programme and it looks like another cracking line-up.

The "fun" starts with Phil Bradley and his keynote called "Data, data everywhere". I've heard Phil speak on a number of occasions so I know this will be an excellent keynote presentation. I expect there to be lots of questions as Law Librarians look for ways to manage the massive amounts of data that is being created on a daily basis.

The next session that I would definitely attend is Laura Woods session called "Meeting the Challenges of the Ever Changing Workplace – How to Future Proof Your Skills" Laura has written and spoken on a number of occasions about how individuals can future proof themselves. This has never been more important when there are increasing pressures on Law Librarians to deliver more for less. 

Two more sessions which I expect to be well attend and certain timely are "How Demands from Clients and Advisors are Changing the Role of Today’s Information Professionals". Client demands both internal and external are constantly changing and of course Law Librarians need to adapt to these changing demands to ensure they remain relevant and focused on providing services that offer value to the business. Otherwise they will merely be seen as an overhead and expendable.

The second session is "Big Data at the National Audit Office" from Sarah Dillingham. I've done some work with Sarah as part of my contributions to FreePint so I know she knows her stuff. Big data is something that Law Librarians in all sectors need to think about carefully as it provides some opportunities and challenges.

Interestingly a session following this Big Data talk is about how Law Librarians can help contribute to their firm's intranet. This would certainly be a talk that I would attend as Law Librarians and Information Professionals definitely have a role to play in maintaining intranet content, even if they don't manage the intranet itself. I certainly be watching this session closely on Twitter.

There are of course many other sessions which I'm sure will be well attended and provide some excellent insights and generate plenty of discussions. This is of course one of the reasons why the BIALL Conference is so valuable in that you can chat with peers about similar challenges both within and outside your own sector.

For those people going to the BIALL Conference, enjoy, it really is a fantastic experience.