#missionmarathon the story so far

Late last year I wrote about how I had won a place on the RunLounge Missionmarathon team. 7 weeks into the journey I thought it was high time I updated all my followers on what I've been up to as part of this challenge.

The first thing we were provided with was a training plan tailored to our experience level, which for me meant an experienced marathon training plan. Now this training plan differs significantly from my training plan last year in a number of ways:

  1. There are lots of different runs built into the training plan (Kenyan Hills, Threshold runs. Easy and Comfortable runs and of course the Long Slow Run)
  2. The Long Slow run is based on time rather than distance so instead of setting out to run 15 miles it's about spending 120 minutes on the road. This is significantly different from last year and takes some getting used to.
  3. Core work and conditioning are a key element of the training plan.
  4. Cross training is considered part of the plan as well, especially if you have a niggle or injury and aren't able to run as much as you'd like to.

Combined the plan aims to put you in a great position when you're standing on the start line at your Spring Marathon. In addition to the plan all the Missionmarathon team have been kitted out by Saucony UK. Of all the kit I received from Saucony my favourite two pieces have to be the Guide 7 running shoes, which are excellent and I'm certainly feeling the benefits of wearing these, and the Sonic ViZi Jacket. I'll be writing reviews of both of these products as they're excellent, especially the jacket, which has an excellent feature, which I may well have to video!

Shortly after receiving our kit the missionmarathon team all met up with Nick Anderson and Phoebe Thomas. Nick and Phoebe are the coaches that are going to help us achieve our marathon goals (for me that's a sub 4 hour marathon). This was an inspiring session and I took away loads of tips on training, nutrition and things to avoid doing! All the missionmarathon team are in regular contact with Nick, Phoebe and Saucony to discuss all things training.

As for my training,  this is going really well and I'm feeling the benefits of mixing up my training runs to incorporate all the elements of the training plan. I am to publish a few more blog posts about my training and of course that all important video of the Sonic ViZI special feature!