Intranet and Digital Workplace predictions 2014

It's the first week of January, so what better way to welcome in the New Year then by posting a list of predictions for intranets and digital workplaces in 2014.

Whilst I did consider doing this myself, we're fortunate in the intranet community to have a number of resources and individuals who are more than happy to do so.

Of these the Intranet Benchmarking Forum is an excellent resource and one which if you haven't heard of before contains some excellent resources and articles. One of their last posts in 2013 was a predictive one (unsurprisingly) which is well worth taking a look at in more detail.

So lets have a look at some of trends outlined in the post.

The first trend is that digital workplaces will become more robust and secure. As the post points out whilst many organisations have started down the digital workplace route, very few of them have considered how to provide access where the technology infrastructure is poor. This is something that will need careful consideration in 2014.

The next trend is that the lines between internal and external content/tools etc will become increasingly blurred. For example Royal Mail have an intranet that can be accessed from the internet. This I'm sure will be a big trend in 2014. Especially with the publication of a report called "Digital workplace technology roadmap 2014" which looks at the blurring of these boundaries.

Another trend, which will please a lot of people is that intranet managers, collaboration specialists etc, will be even more in demand! But we need to ensure we have the right skills in place in order to manage these opportunities well!

A "it seems obvious" trend is that companies who take the time to sit down with staff and train them on how to use new tools and functionality gain better adoption. This seems obvious to me, as I've said time and time again, you cant expect someone to just start using a new technology with no training or no context in which to use the new technology. Taking the time to hold someone's hand whilst they use the new technology is definitely a good idea.

Finally is the idea of "advanced intranets". These are intranets that combine, communication channels with collaboration and publishing in one place. In this way previously fragmented services are brought together into one place, significantly improving the user experience.

These aren't the only trends outlined in this blog post, but they certainly caught my eye, enjoy reading the full list and let me know what you think.