Intranets in the spotlight!

It seems like there have been a lot and I mean A LOT of articles published about intranets recently. A lot of them have been very interesting, but a few in particular have caught my eye.

The first of these is "Closing the Gap between Intranets and Websites" in this article the author looks at how intranets are beginning to push the boundaries of design. This is demonstrated by the latest Intranet Innovation Awards and the cutting edge design used in some of the winning entries. There really are some very interesting designs demonstrated in this article and if you're an intranet manager looking to update your intranet, then it's well worth reviewing these.

Another article on Intranet design published recently is "Intranet Visual Design: Does Your Intranet Need To Be Pretty?" In this article, the author consider how important it is for your intranet to be "pretty". I wont ruin your enjoyment of the article by saying whether intranets should be pretty or not, but suffice to say I believe visual design is an important element of any intranet.

Two recently published articles from the the CMS wire website look at some emerging trends in intranets. The first of these "Social Intranets, the Lemming Curve and 'Down With People'" discusses whether social intranets are designed primarily to support collaboration and discussions between individuals or whether they're designed to support the work that individuals do, to make them more efficient. You could argue that social intranets are actually designed to support both people and the work they can do. In fact I think it's important not to get too obsessed with your social intranet only serving one particular purpose. I'm certain most intranet managers will agree that intranets actually server a number of very distinct purposes.

The last and perhaps most interesting article is one called "What's the hottest trend in intranets" which looks at the concept of ICE. Intranet, Community and Extranet and how the hottest trend in intranets is to deliver these three elements on the same platform. As the article outlines combined the ICE elements provide "provide holistic engagement, reduce development and software costs, and simplify user experience for employees and customers alike." Whilst it might seem odd to incorporate all of these elements within an intranet, the author explains why it make sense to do so.

Your intranet is one facet of an overall collaboration platform that extends through and beyond the walls of your offices. Organizations should evaluate their technology and software based on its ability to manage all three types of “ICE” sites using a common set of tools, shared content repositories and infrastructure.
I like how the intranet is described as a "facet" of business collaboration and as providing effective solutions for employees. That should certainly be the aim for ALL intranet managers, but it's not easy to accomplish. If you're interested in an introduction to some of the concepts that you should aim to introduce into an existing or new intranet then this article is well worth reading.

So it has been quite a couple of months for intranets, lets hope 2014 continues in the same way.

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    # by Unknown - Tuesday, December 03, 2013

    Hi James,

    Thank you for sharing. I particularly like the concept of ICE, as the three worlds start to converge. A lot of challenges there, such as integrating multiple systems from other companies, which aren't necessarily based on the same standards, to create a wider social ecology.

    I also I agree with your point around whether social intranets have to be either/or when it comes to communication or 'getting work done'. The reality is that the best social intranets serve the needs of the business. That may be including voluntary communication channels, such as microblogging, as well as more mandatory 'in the flow' tools such as a helpdesk-based community.