BIALL Conference 2013 tweeters

Immediately after last years BIALL Conference I wrote this post listing the Law Librarians who were in Belfast celebrating the achievements of Law Librarians.

Now I did intend to do something similar this year, but as I'm sure you can all appreciate time and other factors came into play and I missed my chance to do so. Rather then prepare a list now I'm going to say the following. Thanks to everyone who was at the BIALL Conference that contributed to the conversation on Twitter. I thought that this year there were a lot more people tweeting and engaging with Twitter. This was helped I'm sure by the free wifi that was on offer.

Perhaps we'll see even more people Tweeting at next year's conference, only time will tell. Oh and if you were new to the BIALL Conference this year and were tweeting please do add your twitter name as a comment. I'd like to ensure I'm following you all!