SharePoint...good or bad?!

If you're looking at replacing your current intranet, one of the tools you might be considering is SharePoint. Microsoft which develops SharePoint has recently released a 2013 edition which on the face of it looks impressive compared to previous versions.

But the big question will also be is SharePoint good or bad. Whilst there are many different features contained within SharePoint and it's an incredibly powerful tool, what's potentially more important when it comes to SharePoint is how it's implemented.

This is Mark Morrell's viewpoint in his blog post "Is SharePoint "good" or "bad" in it he looks at five factors that can influence how successful a SharePoint implementation can be, they are:

  • Strategy - Mark stresses the importance of not just having a strategy for SharePoint, but a strategy that encompasses all aspects of your digital workplace
  • Governance - This is a key factor in any SharePoint implementation and Mark stresses the need for their to be a good governance framework in place. Without a governance framework as Mark suggests it may be unclear as to the purpose behind the SharePoint implementation
  • Planning - Irrespective of the tool, application or content management system you're implementing you need to have a clear plan about how you're going to do it. Without a carefully thought out plan the only thing you're likely to see is the project fail.
  • Education - If you're thinking about implementing SharePoint then you definitely need to be thinking about how you're going to communicate the changes to your users. SharePoint may well be significantly different from the technologies previously used in your organisation. So you need to think carefully about how you're going to communicate the changes.
  • Business Need - Finally, but perhaps most importantly Mark stresses the importance of having a Business Need for any new application you're implementing. You and your organisation need to be clear in your mind about why you're implementing SharePoint or any other tool.

There is a lot more to this article then I have just highlighted here, so I recommend having a look at the original if you're looking at how your organisation could use SharePoint.

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    # by Karen - Friday, July 19, 2013

    Are these not valid points for any intranet tool? I'm a big SharePoint fan and wish I had the budget to afford the latest version, but even the earlier versions have many strengths.