Larkfield 10k

A couple of weekends ago I took part in the Larkfield 10k. This was my first race since the Brighton Marathon so I wasn't expecting to set any PB's. I had in my mind a time of under 50 minutes and would have been happy if I'd have run 49:59.

As it was I ran a bit faster then that, but before I tell you my time a bit about the race itself. This is the fourth time I've run this race having run it in 2009 when I completed a slightly different course in 45:38, 2011 when they changed the course and I ran a time of 48:23 and last year when I completed the 10k in 44:58 (only the second time I've ever run a sub 45 minute 10k). The race starts at the East Malling Research centre, the course then winds it way quite nicely through some of the outlining villages before finishing in the Research Centre.

So back to this years race, first off I made the mistake of wearing a long sleeved top, thinking that it looked a bit chilly. It wasn't once we got started, I also think I started too slowly completing the first 5k in 24:44, but then magically I managed to run a negative second 1/2 of the race coming in at 48:44 and exactly 24 minutes for the second 5k.

I was quite pleased with that result given that it was only 3 weeks since the Brighton Marathon. I definitely need to work on my speed though so will be incorporating some speed sessions into my training from this point forward.

One final thing, what is it with runners who sprint for about 30 seconds and then slow right down again, there were several of these types of runners at Larkfield and I'm not sure what it achieves? Especially as I passed all of them during the course of the 10k route.