Shorne Woods Parkrun the 4th

So I know it has been a while, but I've got lots of exciting things to talk about, however if you're expecting me to talk about intranets and social media I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. At least for a short while.

First up is the latest in the series of Shorne Woods Parkruns. I've been involved with the Shorne Wood

An alternative way to enjoy Shorne Woods
Parkruns from the planning stage and I've been to be able to marshall at two of the Parkruns. The latest was this morning where 16 runners turned up to take on the 5k course. It was a lovely morning for a run, with a slight chill in the air, but beautiful blue skies overhead and not a cloud in sight. I also dragged along my eldest, who didn't run, but enjoyed climbing a few trees whilst I encouraged the runners around the course.

Amongst these runners I was especially pleased to see someone from Twitter who I'd been chatting with for a while take on the course and to go round in a very respectable (although they said slow) time of 22 minutes. Despite there only being 16 runners I think everybody enjoyed running today, hopefully as the weather improves we can get more people to attend. If you haven't run a Parkrun before then you should have a look at their website and if you're in the Dartford/Gravesend/Higham/A2 area then you should definitely think about running the Shorne Woods Parkrun.