Pros and Cons of SharePoint 2013

I think we're going to hear a lot about the new version of SharePoint now that more organisations are looking at SharePoint 2013. So I was intrigued to find out more about some of the new features and whether they're actually that good.

If you're wondering what I used to find out more about the Pros & Cons of SharePoint 2013, then look no further then the slides I've linked below from Toby Ward of Prescient Digital Media and Tamer El Shazli of Social Business Interactive.

You can of course look through the entire slide pack, but to save you doing that to some extent I've outlined some of the major Pros and Cons below.

  1. SP2013 comes with improved branding and customisation options. Whilst this is much improved from 2010, it's still not as good as it could be.
  2. The user interface is now independent from Silverlight. Which if you know what Silverlight is, great fortunately I don't!
  3. SP2013 now includes app stores. Whilst the new custom apps concept makes SharePoint customisation a lot easier the apps are still very clunky and rudimentary.
  4. The office apps in SP2013 are however very impressive.
  5. SP2013 includes enhanced social features, which I'm sure many organisations and individuals will be pleased about. For example the newsfeed is now much more like Twitter. However the social features sitll have their limitations and issues. You also have to think that Yammer will have an impact on SP2013, it may either complete the social features of augment them, either way it's bound to have an impact.
  6. SP2013 includes an enhanced mobile experience. Whilst this experience is better then previous version it's still not idea.
  7. Finally SP2013 offers an improved cloud experience, with the introduction of SkyDrive.

Those were the major Pros and Cons I noted. For more on the Pros and Cons of SharePoint 2013 the slides are embedded below.


Brighton Marathon 2013

A medal well worth the 26. 2 miles
Well it was the moment I'd been in training for months for and at the end of the day it didn't disappoint. Last Sunday the 14th of April I completed my first Marathon in 4:19:56 :-)

What to say about the day, aside from it was an emotional, exhausting, but ultimately amazing experience! I thing the first thing to say is that the support on the day was amazing from the Alzheimer's Society that I was running for to the thousands of individuals lining the route shouting my name the encouragement was fantastic and it certainly helped towards the end of the race.

As to the run itself I made two schoolboy errors, the first was to not apply any suntan lotion, which meant that at the end of the day I looked very much like a boiled lobster. I also felt quite dizzy at the end, but 10 minutes in the shade sorted me out. I was quite fortunate in this respect as several runners collapsed both on the course and after they finished. There was also the tragic news that a 26 year old runner  suffered a cardiac arrest on the course and died later in hospital. My other schoolboy error was to not check my equipment properly. So despite my sports belt fitting properly when I was walking around with it, when I went to run it immediately fell off. Instead of stopping and adjusting it so that it did fit properly I decided to sling it around my neck and spend the next 26.2 miles looking like I was carrying a bandolier!

Once I'd got over the fact I was going to be carrying my sports belt for 26.2 miles I managed to focus on the course itself and to be honest ran a pretty good first 13.2 miles. The first 10k was completed in 55:35 and I reached halfway (13.2 miles) in 1:57:17. I was quite pleased with this and felt although I wasn't aiming to run sub 4 hours, that this was just about on sub 4 hour pace. My target was to run 4:£0 and I was pretty much on this pace the entire way round. Then unfortunately I had a few bad miles especially 15-17 where I noticed a lot of people were passing me. I think this probably conincided with the temperature rising substantially. As it was I reached 30km (18.6 miles) in approximately 3 hours. Then followed a rather tortuous 1:20 where I made my round the desolation that is the Shoreham Power station before looping back, past the fantastic Alzheimer's supporters on to the sea front and finally Madeira Drive and the very emotional finish!

Overall a fantastic day, amazing atmosphere and support from the crowds, a great medal and winners top and a feeling of euphoria having completed the 26.2 miles! Would I do again...absolutely.

Shorne Woods Parkrun the 4th

So I know it has been a while, but I've got lots of exciting things to talk about, however if you're expecting me to talk about intranets and social media I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. At least for a short while.

First up is the latest in the series of Shorne Woods Parkruns. I've been involved with the Shorne Wood

An alternative way to enjoy Shorne Woods
Parkruns from the planning stage and I've been to be able to marshall at two of the Parkruns. The latest was this morning where 16 runners turned up to take on the 5k course. It was a lovely morning for a run, with a slight chill in the air, but beautiful blue skies overhead and not a cloud in sight. I also dragged along my eldest, who didn't run, but enjoyed climbing a few trees whilst I encouraged the runners around the course.

Amongst these runners I was especially pleased to see someone from Twitter who I'd been chatting with for a while take on the course and to go round in a very respectable (although they said slow) time of 22 minutes. Despite there only being 16 runners I think everybody enjoyed running today, hopefully as the weather improves we can get more people to attend. If you haven't run a Parkrun before then you should have a look at their website and if you're in the Dartford/Gravesend/Higham/A2 area then you should definitely think about running the Shorne Woods Parkrun.