My Marathon journey

In case you weren't aware I'm running the Brighton Marathon on the 14th of April with two of my work colleagues. We're running for the Alzheimer's Society, which we think is a very worthy cause to run for. This is my first Marathon and to be honest the training hasn't gone particularly well, or rather it hasn't been going very well in the last month.

In January I did the obligatory 3/4 runs a week, but was suffering from a pain in my left hamstring, which turned out to be really tight hamstrings. This was fixed by a visit to a local Sports Massage professional (whom I'm still seeing). Following this I was running very well, although I managed to turn my ankle over and suffered with a sore ankle for a while.

In February I did my longest run of 15.5 miles, this was preceded by runs of 14 miles and 12 miles, which all went well. I then ran 13.2 with one of my colleagues and had a lot of thigh and back pain afterwards. I visited my Sports Massage Professional that week and he indicated that it could be a groin strain, which he didn't want to touch. Unfortunately he did massage my quads and this I believe inflamed it, which meant I couldn't run for 10 days :-( Following this break from running I tested the groin and whilst it's still a bit sore my pace was still pretty good and has continued to be.

That brings us to this weekend when I was planning to run 16.5 miles. Unfortunately at 01:24 on Saturday morning I was on the bathroom floor, not enjoying myself much and spent much of yesterday recovering from a stomach bug of some sorts. I'm hoping to run 6 miles later today, but we shall see. So what does this mean in terms of where I am. Well I know I can run 16 miles having run a very hilly 15.5 so I'm fairly certain I can run 18. I may need to consolidate my training and run 18 miles on Good Friday and then 20 on Easter Monday before tapering off. What fun!