Reasons to use LinkedIn

A very short post here on some tips and tricks I picked up from listening to a webinar on Monday about LinkedIn. Sadly the webinar wasn't great and didn't really tell me much I didn't know but there were a few useful tips.

First off if you haven't yet joined LinkedIn then you might want to consider the following reasons why you might want to:

  1. LinkedIn is great if you want to raise your profile. Even if you hate using technology it's important that you have an internet
    presence and LinkedIn is just like having your own personal website. 
  2. You can use LinkedIn to help other connections with their business challenges
  3. You can use LinkedIn to meet key people and decision makers
  4. You can let other connections know what you're doing, otherwise you'll remain a secret to them
  5. LinkedIn is a great place to start maintain and re-establish relationships

The presenter then provided us with some tips when using LinkedIn, most of these weren't new. But one thing I did learn was that you can add tags to your connections via the Connections menu. Whilst it might seem a bit laborious to create and add tags for each of your connections adding tags means you can then send a select group of connections an inmail, rather then send an inmail to all your connections.

The other tip I thought was useful was the advanced search in Linkedin. I didn't even know this existed until it was pointed out to us. This is actually an advanced people search but it good in that it provides a few more option in relation to how you can find individuals.

That was pretty much it, like I said it wasn't a great webinar but there were a couple of interesting tips.

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