How is social media affecting law firms?

My first post of 2013 and it's fitting that it's a post about social media and how it's affecting law firms. As it happens this is less about social media inside a law firm and more about how social media is affecting the activities of marketing departments and fee-earners outside the law firm.

What I would say is that it's important for Knowledge & Information staff to be aware of the tools that fee-earners and marketing departments are using outside of the firm, because there are likely to be equivalents inside the law firm.

The post from the Social Media for Law Firm blog looks at three areas in more detail. These are as follows:

Content marketing/creation

In this section, the author Samantha Collier looks at how more and more law firms are creating and encourgaing their fee-earners to publish content to external blogs. This content is also being pushed out to other sites including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This allows fee-earners to demonstrate their knowledge to a much wider community without really having to do too much extra work.

Humanising the law firm

The next area Samatha looks at is how social media tools are helping to humanise law firms. I think this passage from the blog post, sums up nicely why more fee-earners should be using Twitter and other social media tools. "Twitter allows lawyers to interact much more than other forms of networking.  This puts a human face on law firms.  Potential clients can read lawyer Twitter feeds and get a feel for the character of that person"

Optimising offline events

The final area looked at by Samantha is the impact social media tools are having on conferences and networking events attended by fee-earners and law firms. Increasingly these events have Facebook and LinkedIn pages and Twitter hashtags. Fee-earners can review these pages to identify potential clients or individuals that they'd like to talk to. This makes the event even more valuable.

As Samantha says in her final paragraph there are many ways in which social media affects law firm, but these are the most significant from her persepctive. What do you think?

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    # by Unknown - Thursday, February 28, 2013

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