Thanet 10

It was a bit chilly
Last Sunday I took part in the Thanet coastal 10, this was a 10 mile road race organised by Thanet Road Runners. The route was described as flat with PB potential (dependant on the weather). This would be my first race in a long time having concentrated on racking up miles rather the actually taking part in races. As a result I was unsure how I was going to perform but hoped to run sub 1:20 for 10 miles.

Enjoying the view
The first thing to say about the day itself was that it was glorious, as you'll see from the photos I took but very very very cold. When I got in the car to drive to Westgate-on-Sea the temperature was -1 when I parked up the near the start line it was 3 degrees, but with the wind chill it felt a lot colder. Despite that there were still runners wearing vests, shorts and no gloves! They must have had red hot blood, because everyone else was feeling the cold.

After a short walk to the start line in the freezing cold we were off and once I got going it was actually quite pleasant. The views from the route certainly helped motivate me, although smelling bacon and sausages being cooked in some of the cafes along the beach didn't.

That's not snow!
In terms of the race itself I ran a steady first mile and passed the mile marker at 8:19, which would put me over 1h20. The second mile felt a lot easier and I passed the mile marker at 15:46 which put me inside 1h20. The third mile seemed to fly by and I passed the mile marker at 22:22. Then something must have gone a bit awry as I didn't see the 4th or 5th mile marker, perhaps because I was slogging up a hill and then when we turned around I was being blown off my feet. So when I got to mile six I was at exactly 48 minutes so I knew I was going to have to pull something out in the last three miles. Thankfully the last three miles were the first three reversed and they were downhill slightly so I was able to make up some time and crossed the finish line in 1:19:36. I was delighted with this given the cold conditions, although I always like to run faster. I was even happier with my position, which was 97th out of 274 runners!

I was very happy with that!