10 ways to completely ruin your intranet

Whilst you might not deliberate set about to create a rubbish intranet, sometimes it just happens. So a blog post on the Jostle.me blog made me giggle with some suggestions on how you could completely ruin your intranet!

So how can you ruin your intranet - well these are the suggestions from the team at Jostle.me.

  1. Make it content heavy. Text, text, text it all needs to be about text and no photos, especially of anybody important like employees
  2. Make it impossible to use. Instead of making the site intuitive to use, via the use of a content management tool instead rely on complicated code or having to ask a supplier or IT to update a page.
  3. Build it internally. People might disagree with this one, instead of buying a custom solution from a supplier ask your IT department to create it internally at great expense.
  4. Dismiss it. If you really want to destroy your intranet complain to anyone who will listen that your intranet is just “one more tool that gets in the way of productivity.” Tell others that like a fax machine, the intranet is just a phase.
  5. Make navigation frustrating. Break the back button or provide a zillion ways for people to navigate to pages, that's sure to confuse them.
  6. Never update it. An obvious one here, it's always great to see Christmas photos in April to remind you that Christmas is coming around soon.
  7. Continue to use outdated tools. Why refer people to the intranet when there is a great resource, somewhere that hasn't been updated in a zillion years
  8. Excluding employees. People who don't have a PC or an email address wont need to access the intranet right...wrong - Build the intranet for ALL employees!
  9. Making it TOO social. Is it possible to be TOO social. It is if that means employees saying how much they despise colleagues*
  10. Don't tell anyone it's there. Want to really ruin your intranet, just don't acknowledge its existence by making sure all communications go out via email with no links to the intranet.

*I think this can be managed so for me it's impossible to be TOO social.