Interaction #intranet conference 2012

At the beginning of October I was lucky enough to attend Interaction 2012. This is an annual conference organised by Interact with the focus firmly on how intranets are being used and developed. This year once again the conference featured a number of very high profile speakers including James Robertson, Martin White, Janus Boye, Michael Sampson, Lee Bryant and the guys and gals from the brilliant Intranetizen.

Now I could easily sit her and write a review of the excellent session that took place at the Conference, instead I'm going to point you toward the many excellent reviews that have already been published, they include the following:

If you missed the Conference then don't fear you can receive the slides of all the presentations by contacting Interact and asking for them!

So that brings me nicely to the question of what did I get out of the day. Well the first thing to say is it's really nice to meet people from Twitter in real life (IRL) and catch up from the last Interaction conference. I especially enjoyed talked to the guys and gals from Intranetizen who in no particular order I talked to about; cheek kissing etiquette, ties and PowerPoint presentations, Tweeting whilst running and the Coca-Cola secret recipe*

For me their session was the highlight of the conference and was timed just right so that it woke people up (if they were feeling sleepy) whilst presenting them with some really useful information to take back to their organisation. I'd love to see more conference organisers adopt the Ignite 5 minute presentation style so that presenters ensure they are actually providing some useful information in the time they have rather then just clicking through 50 PowerPoint slides.

I also met someone from an organisation that uses the same Web CMS as us but is moving to SharePoint 2010. I'll definitely be keeping in touch with them to find out how that project goes.

I do have two very small complaints though, whilst the venue was excellent, especially as it was only 2 minutes from my office it was quite hard to see some of the slides in individuals presentations as the screens used were quite low down. Also whilst there was an opportunity to ask questions at a "Town Hall" style session at the end of the day I thought it would have been nice to have had a least 5 minutes to ask presenters questions. If I recall the only session where there was time to do this was after the Intranetizen presentation and nobody had any questions, we were obviously all in awe :-)

*This may have happened after the event.