5x50 summary!

For the last 50 days I've been undertaking a rather interesting challenge. Called 5x50 the challenge asks participants to undertake a least 5km of exercise everyday for 50 days. There is a £5 entry fee with all money raised via the entry fee and any sponsorship going to Sport Relief.

This was a great challenge to participate in and whilst there were a couple of days where I felt like I wouldn't do my run (mostly the cold dark mornings) I'm pleased to say I got out there are did 50 days worth of exercise. These are my totals for the 50 days:

Total number of Kilometres - 324 or 201 miles
Number of runs - 48
Number of walks - 2
Average distance per run - 6.54 km or 4.06 miles
Number of injuries - none
Number of times lost - once
Number of times face to face with two bored looking horses - once
Number of trips - none :-)

For someone who wants to form an exercise habit 5x50 is an excellent way of doing so, if you don't fancy exercising 50 days in a row 5x50 are planning a mini event in November and the 2013 event will take place in March.

You can view my 5x50 activity log by clicking on this link alternatively all my runs (and walks) are logged on Runkeeper.