This is real law: The impact of technology on Law Librarians

I've been talking about technology within Law firms and specifically Law Libraries for longer then I care to remember. So this video from the American Association of Law Librarians recent meeting in Boston filled my heart with joy.

In it a number of Law Librarians talk about the impact technology has had an will continue to have on Law Librarians.

Some key quotes from the video:

  • "The Library has to be from everywhere" 
  • "You need to stay current as a Law Librarian" 
  • "We've moved from the book to the big computer to the iPad" 
  • "If you don't embrace the technology, you'll be left behind"
  •  "We need to be forward thinking and that the technology is ours to own" 

These are just some of the excellent quotes from this video, the message I took from this video is that we need to commit to future technology developments and be brave enough to use them, both for our own use and the benefit of our users.

I also love the quote about us being time travellers...I'd love to be able to do this for real!