Intranet litter...

Litter globe actually lots of bottles
A small insight into my life here, I have two cats so reading Mark Morrell's latest blog post on Intranet litter made me chuckle. I've got plenty of litter at home, so I'm not sure I need any more on my intranet.

You might not chuckle as much as me, but you might be interested in reading Mark's post and thinking about whether your intranet is strewn with litter. So what does Mark mean by Intranet litter? What Mark is referring to is poorly presented information that confuses the user, specifically:

  • Links to documents instead of content on an intranet page
  • Poorly worded content that doesn’t make sense
  • Poorly constructed content that is hard to follow
  • Poorly presented content with the wrong balance of images, text, and video

Mark then goes on to outline some of the things you should consider implementing if your intranet does contain some litter. Rather then litter this post with those (they're actually very useful) I'll let you read Mark's post.

[Photo credit - Litter globe from Flickr]