Daring to share...the appeal of enterprise social networks

What is Enterprise social networking and what are some of the tools that are available for organisations to use as part of an enterprise social networking strategy? This is the question answered by Rachel Miller in her excellent blog post "Daring to share - Enterprise Social Networking"

The post goes into some detail about Yammer and how it can be used to facilitate communication within an organisation by taking advantage of the changes in how we're all communicating. As Rachel explains in her post:

"Doing so in a way where others can participate and understand how it works across the business, using their skills and abilities to make the most of it is ideal. This is what enterprise social networking is trying to achieve"

Rachel also outlines some of the benefits of using an enterprise social networking tool like Yammer, these aren't just about providing a better more intiutive way for individuals to communicate and collaborate with each other there are a number of other very tangible benefits including:

  • Gaining visibility across the organisation
  • Giving employees tools that increase collaboration, visibility and support company culture
  • Driving financial results through employee engagement and better customer service
  • Attracting and retaining top talent by meeting the needs of your people

For an introduction to how Yammer is being used successfully look not further then another post by Rachel called "It adds up: How accountants use Yammer"