Can you make tacit knowledge...explicit?

Two excellent posts here which discuss whether you can make tacit knowledge (the stuff that is stored away in our minds or hidden somewhere else) explicit.

The first called "The great debate – tacit knowledge and collaborative technologies" is from the Brad Hinton Plain Speaking blog. The post looks at some of the challenges associated with trying to make tacit knowledge explicit. The post also looks at whether social media tools like blogs, wikis, forums and listservs can assist in the process of moving tacit knowledge to an explicit form. I wont ruin the post by saying too much more about it, but it has generated some interesting comments.

The second post called "Can tacit be made explicit" is from the Knowledge Jolt with Jack blog. Jack's post say both yes and no to the question of whether you can make tacit knowledge explicit. I agree with both answers and I imagine most people will to, but I'll leave it up to you to decide.

[Photo credit - trying to make tacit knowledge explicit from Flickr]