5 ways to make your intranet homepage more attractive

The Business 2 Community website has highlighted the importance of intranet homepages in its recent post "5 ways to make your intranet homepage more attractive and useful" If you're wondering if you can make your intranet homepage more attractive AND more useful, well yes you can!

So what are there suggestions for how you can improve in both these areas;

  1. Publish new content regularly. This seems like a bit of a no-brainer to me as intranets should be as up-to-date and relevant as possible. Of course, this always means the content needs to be accurate, there's no point publishing content that is inaccurate or that doesn't justify its inclusion on the intranet. The article does suggest ways in which you can find "fresh" content, including listening to what people are saying, attending meetings and re-publishing content from internal blogs.
  2. The next is an interesting suggestion to link to regularly used content after identifying it by looking at statistics and perhaps even what pages people are looking for. This suggestion will only work if you're able to generate statistics. It does sound like a good idea to link to content people are using regularly so that they can access even quicker.
  3. The third suggestion is two things, firstly to ensure your intranet is branded, this includes giving your intranet a name. The second suggestion is keep the design simple, friendly on the eye and uncluttered.
  4. The next suggestion is something that applies not just to your intranet homepage but your entire intranet and that is to emphasise and encourage good navigation. This means putting menus where users would expect to see them and to use titles that make sense to users.
  5. The final suggestion is to mix serious content with fun and engaging content. In reality this means striking a balance between official very corporate news and news that is more personal to individuals.

There are some good suggestions here as to how you could improve your intranet homepage. Ultimately of lot of what you're able to do will depend on the organisation you work for and the technology that supports your intranet.

[Picture credit -there is nothing more attractive than confidence from Flickr]