Tablets, tablets everywhere...

Not that sort of tablet silly!
Lets face it the use of tablets has become ubiquitous, with increasing number of fee-earners expecting their firm to support their usage. But with the benefits that come with a new technology come some unique challenges.

It's these challenges which are the focus of the blog post "Tablets, tablets everywhere" on the SLAW blog.

As interesting as the blog post are the comments that have been posted in response to it, I'd encourage you to read these.

Legal week has also just posted an article on its site called "Business tool or just really cool - the rise of the iPad" which discusses how the iPad has moved from being a consumer tool to a valuable business tool within law firms.

BIALL Conference tweeters

Having just returned from the BIALL Conference I thought it might be nice to thank all the individuals who were tweeting, despite the lack of wifi or even a decent mobile signal there were still a lot of tweets flying around. Especially during some of the more controversial sessions and most definitely during the photo session at the Titanic exhibition.

I highly recommend that if you aren't already, then you should start following these twitter accounts:


There were many other individuals who contributed to the BIALL 2012 Conference tweets by retweeting, the individuals listed above were the most active delegates. Thanks to all of you for adding to the sessions you attended and helping people who couldn't attend the conference experience it. I was especially impressed when a question was asked via Twitter. I was less impressed when I was told my tweeting was "very distracting"