What's next for social intranets?

My last post was about the Social intranet journey so it was interesting to read two blog posts about the same subject, which seem to support the ideas in the Webinar.

The first is a blog post from the Intranet Connections blog called "What is next for Social intranets" in it the author reports on a blog post which discusses the struggles of trying to get organisations (enterprises) to adopt social software. The author has an excellent piece of advice, which is:

 "Jumping into social networking for the enterprise is a challenge and often requires a major shift in culture for an organization. A great piece of advice I took away from a Webinar was to focus social interactions around a business goal or campaign. Leverage the use of social tools to facilitate business"

This is definitely something I would encourage any organisation considering implementing a social intranet to look at. The second blog post was from the Intranet connections blog again. In this post called "5 Ways to Harness the Power of Social Tools on Your Intranet" the author lists five ways in which you could use social media tools to align your organisations corporate culture. These are listed as follows:
  • "Allow it to shape and manage your company culture: Use your intranet to reinforce the values, goals and ideas that you have for your organization"
  • "Allow it to help you strengthen change management initiatives: Be transparent with your employees and let them see what the organization is working towards"
  • "Allow it to help you improve execution of corporate strategy: Get your CEO connected with employees in an open forum on the intranet" 
  • "Allow it to let you better facilitate corporate communication: With a social intranet you can reach out to your coworkers to share business tools, ask questions and learn from one another"
  • "Allow it to let you better manage and increase employee engagement: Empower your employees on the intranet and give them the ability to personalize their own intranet work space"
Some excellent tips here on how you can harness the power of social media tools. The last two will in my opinion be the most obvious and well known uses of social media tools within an enterprise. What do you think?