6 (good) reasons for having staff photos on the intranet

Does your intranet include photos of individuals? If your intranet doesn't, then you should definitely read this blog post from the Intranet connections blog. In it their guest author lists six reasons why you need to include staff photos on the intranet. Note I've cut this list down to five as the 6th was very specific to a particular type of organisation:

  1. It encourages familiarity and discourages cold responses: you are less likely to be cross with someone who has a face.
  2. It encourages community.
  3. It provides a sense of identity to a department or group or school.
  4. New or transferred staff can be highlighted on the intranet home page as a “Look Who Joined Us”
  5. For each person, their face on the intranet allows them to say to the organization “I am not just a name or a position, I have an identity and I am happy to share it with everyone”
All very good reasons for including staff photos on your intranet, but don't forget in the UK their are number of laws that Intranet managers need to be aware of when using photos. I recommend reading the Intranetizen blog post called "10 law for intranet mangers" for a detailed list of these.

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    # by Dumpling - Thursday, March 29, 2012

    Well, we have staff photos on the intranet, which is VERY handy. What's not so hand is that there's no policy to update them. You join the firm, you get stood up against a wall and photographed, and that's it, for as long as you're here.
    Needless to say, people do change over time, so I'm not *quite* that same as my 7 year old photo!
    So - photos and put them on the intranet, yes. But don't forget to implement some sort of photo update schedule too!