14 signs you've lost the intranet plot

I absolutely love this blog post from the team at the intranetizen blog, if you're not currently subscribed to this blog you absolutely should be! It's a blog maintained by four intranet managers who in my mind post about the stuff other intranet managers want to read about. They linked to one of my blog posts in a recent post, which I consider a huge honour!

Anyway back to the post in question, this post called "14 signs you’ve lost the #intranet plot" lists you wont be too surprised 14 signs that you should take as evidence that the intranet is turning into something BAD! Don't do these things kids is basically what the guys are intranetizen are saying.

So what are these signs, well I've listed them here in full for you, but you 'll need to visit the intranetizen blog, for more information on why you shouldn't be implementing them.

  •  The weather
  • A world clock
  • Empty social activity feeds
  • Email widgets
  • Links to and feeds from lots of external sites
  • Animated gifs
  • Photo of the day
  • A daily dilbert cartoon
  • A whole page page viewer
  • Icons
  • Logins
  • Click here - yes! I am so here with this one, click here to find out why...:-)
  • The word welcome
  • Word of the day widget

[Photo credit - Steeter Seidell, Comedian by Zach Klein from Flickr]